Healing Crystals – 2022 Complete User’s Guide

Healing Crystals – 2022 Complete User’s Guide

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What Are Healing Crystals ?

Healing crystals are mineral rocks that can be used to heal and balance the body. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, but they all have their own unique healing properties. Different stones work on different parts of the body for different purposes.

Some stones may help with energy levels, while others might relieve stress or provide emotional support. In this blog post we will give you an overview of what healing crystals are made from, how they work and where you can find them!

How Healing Crystals Work ?

In order to understand how healing crystals work, it’s important to know what they are made from. Healing crystals come in many shapes and colors but all of them have their own unique vibrations which help balance the body, mind and spirit.

These stones typically come from places where extreme weather has worn down rock until it forms a crystal pattern on its surface or has been exposed to powerful natural forces such as waterfalls or moving rivers that naturally polish the outer layer of the stone.

Healing crystals are found all around the world and can be used to help heal physical, mental or emotional problems by restoring balance in a person’s energy fields.

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healing crystals - the complete user's guide

Healing crystal therapy is thought to work on either an individual or collective level depending on how it is being applied. Individuals who have been diagnosed with specific ailments may use healing crystals as part of their health care regimen for relief from symptoms which include everything from headaches to chronic pain conditions like arthritis .

healing crystals - the complete user's guide

When used on a collective level, healing crystal therapy may be applied for self-healing or to alleviate the suffering of others. Collectives might include groups such as schools, hospitals and prisons where they are being used in place of traditional treatments like drugs or surgery.

Healing crystals can also be found at homeopathic shops which often maintain a large selection of them.

Different Types Of Healing Crystals :

There are many types of healing crystals available on the market. Here are a few examples:



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Clear Quartz

Known as the "master healer" for all things, clear quartz is a versatile stone that can heal nearly anything and can also help balance your energy field.

Tiger's Eye

This stone helps with grounding but also releases emotions and tension. Tiger's eye works best if used with other stones such as citrine, amethyst, lapis lazuli or smoky quartz.

Red Carnelian

Red Carnelian - If you're looking for protection from an angry energy source then red carnelian is a good choice since it will block negative energies and ward off those who might wish you harm.

Black Tourmaline

This stone is good for protection and helps to repel negative thoughts while sending positive.


Jasper is a generic name for either of two types of silica mineral, both types are rich in iron oxide and characterized by distinct patterns. It's said that jasper can help you be more open-minded and aware, giving your life a balance of physicality and spirituality. Jasper is purported to keep bad vibes at bay while promoting courage, quick thinking, and confidence in the person practicing it.


Fluorite makes complex, confusing thoughts easy to understand. It is a powerful tool in accomplishing important tasks that would not be possible without its help.


Charoite is a rare stone that comes from Russia. It's known to help adjust your body energy, making it powerful for healers and psychics alike. This gemstone can also be used as protection against psychic attacks.


Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass. It's believed to have an energies that are grounding and protective, while also bringing out strength and clarity on your psychic visions.


Amethyst is a very popular and powerful gemstone. Amethyst is known for its calming, peaceful energy that brings gentle love into one’s life. It’s also been said to prevent bad luck and the effects of alcohol over-indulgence. Amethyst stimulates peace, spirituality, wholeness, healing on every level and creates balance in all aspects of one's life.


Citrine’s most notable quality is bringing positive energies into your life by attracting external positive energy sources to you while helping you create your own. It is also good for boosting the immune system, making it a great stone to use if you’re feeling worn down and need some extra oomph. Citrine can help with issues of self-worth by bringing feelings of inner worthiness to the surface so they no longer remain hidden in your psyche.


Turquoise is a gemstone found in many regions of the world. It ranges from light to dark shades, and its color can be affected by impurities such as iron or copper. The most valuable variety is known as “true” Turquoise, which has an intense greenish blue or bluish green hue with black patches of matrix on the surface.


Turquoise is known for its many healing properties, and this property can help with a number of different issues. It’s not uncommon to use it in treating depression or anxiety because the color blue it brings out is said to be calming and soothing. The gemstone also has an energy that promotes self-confidence and self-esteem, which can also be helpful for those who suffer from mental illnesses.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is a lovely pink, or rose-colored mineral that belongs to the Quartz family. It’s often called Pink Gemstone and it’s color can range from very light pinks all the way up to dark magenta colors. The energy of this stone has many uses including balancing one's emotions in order to help manage stress and anxiety. It also helps with heart balance, clarity, creativity, self-esteem, joy, peace and acceptance. Pink Tourmaline is a great stone for the heart chakra.


Moonstone is often called “the gem of the month” because its energy is found to be most potent during the full moon. It helps inner peace, serenity and tranquility – this can help with both emotional stability and finding deep sleep.


Bloodstone is a form of quartz, a stone with a slightly orange-red color. Seen as symbolizing selfless service and sacrifice without reward or recognition. It is also thought to increase concentration and focus, but may be too grounding in its energy for those who already have strong personal boundaries.


Ruby is a bright pink variety of corundum, closely related to sapphire. It can also be called the red gemstone. Ruby is a gemstone that has the intellectual property of stimulating imagination and releasing spirituality. This stone, when worn as a necklace or earrings, can benefit someone in their everyday duties. Ruby is the stone of love and passion.


Sapphire is said to be a gemstone that attracts prosperity, happiness, and peace while opening up the mind with its beauty. Its intuition-enhancing properties have been recognized for centuries by medieval scholars such as Nicolas Flamel who studied it extensively in his writings. The deep blue of this stone has long attracted attention from many cultures around the world due to sapphire's reputation for attracting good fortune into your life when worn or carried on you at all times.


The natural energy of Rhodonite aids healing by strengthening one’s immune system and providing emotional support through releasing negative thoughts from your mind, body and spirit which can cause illness over time.


Agate is a type of quartz that can be found in many colors. The best known variety, called banded agate, appears as bands or layers on the surface and has different color variations within each layer. Agates are thought to bring wisdom and clarity as well as healing for emotional wounds from past experiences.


Eudialyte is also known as andalusite and is a stalactitic, typically reddish/pink to brown in color. Eudialyte has been used by Native Americans for centuries for its natural detoxification properties. It's also said to promote spirituality, luck, and love.
Eudialyte is a beautiful gemstone that connects to the first and fourth chakra, opening one's heart. This stone allows people to overcome self-doubt in order for them to receive love from themselves and others with more clarity.

How To Take Care And Cleanse Your Healing Crystals ?

No matter what type of stone is used in your piece please avoid wearing it while doing activities which may cause damage or breakage. Healing crystals should be stored somewhere cool and dry after use.

This includes swimming, showering or dressing so make sure you take them off before those activities and store them somewhere cool and dry once you’re done using them.

Cleaning and charging energy back to the crystals are very important. Either removing any negative energy that may have accumulated on the crystal during your day-to-day activities or people could have touched them before you purchased them.

Here are some effective methods to clean your healing crystals :

healing crystals - the complete user's guide

1.Running water

When you clean your crystal, it can be a very pleasant and spiritual experience. Hold the stone under running water while asking for forgiveness of any negativity in its aura from both yourself and others that may have come into contact with it. This method only applies to hard stones, such as quartz.

healing crystals - the complete user's guide

2.Use Other Crystals

Some crystals are thought to be so powerful that they can clear the energy of other stones. Clear quartz and carnelian, for example, have been known since ancient times as purifying stones. When stacked together with any stone in need of a psychic scrubbing or emotional cleansing; these two gems actually create an even stronger cleanse.

healing crystals - the complete user's guide

3.Sea Salt

The salt helps to balance the crystal’s energy. Salt is a purifying element, and can help remove impurities from the space around it. It also has healing properties for earth energies in general, like clearing out negative vibrations or bad karma that may be stored on your crystals. You don’t need much; just a pinch of salt is all you need to run it over the crystal. This method applies to hard stones, such as quartz and amethyst.


Sage is a herb that can be used to clean crystals by smudging them. This process releases negative energy and creates a lighter, more vibrant crystal.

Sage has been around for centuries as an herbal medicine in many cultures including those of Native Americans and Europeans alike; it’s often referred to as “smudge sticks” because the smoke from burning leaves or bark-covered twigs to purify your space with this potent cleansing method. Sage emits its strong aroma which clears out any residual negativity within minutes while also boosting positive vibrations throughout your living quarters!

healing crystals - the complete user's guide


The moon is a powerful and safe way to cleanse your crystals. The best time for cleansing them would be from the 9 days during the waxing Gibbous, Full Moon or waning gibbous phases of the full moons cycle because they provide sufficient light which can penetrate through any crystal type whether it’s raw or polished. If you are experienced in using subtle energies then you could use other parts of its nine day cycle as well!

Open up some windows on clear nights that give off enough natural moonlight so your precious stones get bathed by this magical lunar energy while also being close enough to where they will not come into contact with anything else but soft silvery glow coming from outside. Keep your crystals dry in the morning then the cleansing process is done.

healing crystals - the complete user's guide


The moon is a powerful and safe way to cleanse your crystals. The best time for cleansing them would be from the 9 days during the waxing Gibbous, Full Moon or waning gibbous Sunlight is not all rays and exposure. It’s a powerful Crystal Cleanser, but only for certain types of crystals. There are few that will fade with continued sunlight such as Ametrine, Apatite, Amethyst Citrine Calcite Sapphire Rose Quartz Fluorite Smokey Quartz etc. So don’t think you can just leave them out in the sun – they won’t last long!

healing crystals - the complete user's guide


Crystals have a natural affinity for trees and nature. They enjoy sitting on tree branches, by waterfalls or streams, or just in areas that are free from dirt and grime. To keep them safe make sure they’re not exposed to dampness.

If you like spending time outdoors with your crystals then take some of these tips into consideration:

Protect the crystal from excessive sunlight which may lead to cracking; try hanging it near an open window where there’s ample air circulation but still gets enough light through parts of the day when direct sun is too strong (in summer).

healing crystals - the complete user's guide


Did you know that sound can also be used as a powerful cleansing agent? It is said to cleanse crystals by releasing old energies on the waves of their ripples. This process, called sonification or sonic healing, was recently shown in studies with human cells and bacteria cultures.

To use this technique for your own crystal’s purging purposes though, there are many different instruments one could choose from including singing bowls (a type of metal bowl which amplifies its vibrations when hit), bells (which ring out high pitched sounds) tingshas. You may even want to simply chant some prayers over them yourself. Good news is that this method applies to all stones.

If you are using singing bowl to cleanse your crystals, here are the steps :

a. To create a calming atmosphere, place your singing bowl on its cushion and onto a flat surface.

b. Place your crystals around the outside of the cushion and singing bowl, filling in any gaps with smaller stones.

c. Strike the singing bowl softly with a stick and it will emit an enchanting sound.

d. Move the stick in a circular motion around your bowl to keep the sound ongoing.

e. You can do this for as long or short a time as you want. Keeping your stick on the singing bowl, rub in an upward motion over its surface with intention to clear negative energy. Just stop the process when you feel it is done.

How To Choose A Healing Crystal ?

If you’re purchasing healing crystal jewelry online, read the descriptions to make sure they are genuine. A good vendor will always offer a guarantee of authenticity before shipping an order so if you have any doubts about the quality in person, contact them for more information.

As with any type of gemstone, it’s important to know what you’re buying. There are many different types and each one has its own specific qualities that should be considered before purchase.

Some healers swear by amethyst as their go-to stone while others prefer citrine or rose quartz while still more might say clear quartz is tops on their list.

You will need to decide which properties would work best for your needs based on factors such as color, shape, size and price point so make sure you read up on descriptions beforehand to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Crystal healers will often say that a crystal chooses you, not the other way around. Your deep dive into this world of healing begins with selecting your first stone for purchase at a brick and mortar store where it is displayed on display tables or shelves in front of you. Close your eyes and run your hands over these smooth cool stones until one feels like “the right one.”

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Now, focus on your own reaction: What would you like to harness? Focusing on your manifestation- take the different minerals and stones in hand. Squeeze them with intensity as you observe what happens. Your palm may build heat or become energized while looking for which mineral entices not only your soul but also body!

Table below shows different crystals for different purposes :

LoveRose Quartz , Rhodonite
MoneyGarnet, Green Aventurine
Career Jasper, Citrine
WisdomAmethyst, Fluorite
HealthJasper, Carnelian
Mental WellnessAquamarine
Friendship Turquoise


Wearing a piece of healing crystal jewelry can have a variety of benefits, including promoting peace and happiness. It also has been said to help with sleep, reduce depression or eliminate fatigue so if you’re struggling in any way it may be worth giving this type of healing one more try.

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